As quickly as it began, its suddenly over. Nothing remains but a black expanse so barren and void it seems like a nullification of existence itself. Dumb objects and debris litter the zone. Massive steel monoliths warped into a wrecked pile, stand in the sand. In the distance, scientists drag their feet through the rhyolite, planting listening devices along the way. They are hoping to hear the echoes about the next annihilation that will further colonize this place. After the Event, the scientists know, but cannot grasp, that which lies below, and they will forever lack the ears to hear it. But life goes on. Already travelers are using the newly erected infrastructure to shuttle through the zone. Soon they will disappear. Other travelers will appear and disappear in turn. The entire zone will become oceanic and eventually drown the volcanic supergiants into the subarctic sea, leaving behind barren isles. Which will also disappear.

Everything will disappear.

HLAUP documents scientists, the Department of Civil Defence, the Search and Rescue Squad and the general public response to catastrophic event known as Jökulhlaup. These are flash floods that happen when hot magma melts through miles of glacial ice, resulting in cataclysmic floods that occur episodically and do unpleasant things to human beings.

Directed by Kristjan Torr
Cinematography by Joona Saastamoinen
Produced by Videoklubben
Duration: 60 minutes - Format: DCP