Aloha Holocaust by Kristjan Torr

Driving south to help out an Italian friend in Reykjavik. Time to leave this holocaust behind me. 

The trip might take a couple of days due to Jökulhlaup ([ˈjœːkʏl̥øip]).

Luckily my car was able to cross the foggy highlands bypassing the several flooded areas. Eventually, I reach a point where the entire southward surface is submerged in a melted glacial grey goo. I park, and fall asleep to the thunder-bolting sound of water and ice.

I woke up to a massive construction racket and saw that during the night, workers had managed to build two temporary bridges. With the coast cleared, I head south to meet Davide.

Rise by Kristjan Torr

04:45 AM

Every day the gang wakes up in a rigid proximity to death.

Icelandic lambs.jpg

-45°C. 850 dead bodies hanging from the day before. The gang has two hours to move all of them. During the next 120 minutes walking with 30 kg in each hand. Bjössi leads the gang stacking each carcass in huge piles five meters high. 

No matter how you look at it, removing life from animals is a shocking reality. During the day, we sharpen our knives and for 12 hours we kill, we cut, and carry dead animals.

Kristjan Torr

Vopnafjörður by Kristjan Torr

65.7500° N. Vopnafjörður.

Vopnafjordur, Iceland

A strange settlement, slightly south of the arctic circle it's extremely remote, isolated from the other of the fishing settlements along the Icelandic coastline. The little I know about this place I learned from watching a sweet ethnographic film made by Karna Sigurdardottir. 

The film documents the lives of shark killers, fox hunters, feet collectors and other curious characters in what I believe will be a wholesome eventyr.

But for me, I believe, this place has more gruesome plans in store.

Blood money by Kristjan Torr

I need cash. So let's travel to the Arctic border and work off the dark autumn executing innocent animals.

In Vopnafjordur in north-east Iceland is a slaughterhouse which has agreed to take me on board. A euro per kill, it's a place where I can earn the funds needed to finalize my project.