Aloha Holocaust by Kristjan Torr

Driving south to help out an Italian friend in Reykjavik. Time to leave this holocaust behind me. 

The trip might take a couple of days due to Jökulhlaup ([ˈjœːkʏl̥øip]).

Luckily my car was able to cross the foggy highlands bypassing the several flooded areas. Eventually, I reach a point where the entire southward surface is submerged in a melted glacial grey goo. I park, and fall asleep to the thunder-bolting sound of water and ice.

I woke up to a massive construction racket and saw that during the night, workers had managed to build two temporary bridges. With the coast cleared, I head south to meet Davide.

The Siren - 2nd unit by Kristjan Torr

Second unit touches ground in the south.

Torr films ingnite

Napalm, Gasoline and Styrofoam prepared for a pyrotechnical sequence.

Gasoline and filmmaking
Larus Oni

Larus Oni

Incinerated dummies.


Torr filmcrew

The Siren - Day V by Kristjan Torr

Filming under the waterfall.

The Siren film.jpg
In our hands

In our hands

Kimbo stakes out the waterfall
Assistant camera ready

Filming under the waterfall was a painful experience. A raging torrent and strong winds permeate the area making hard to manuver. 

The Crew Siren
Kimbo Kim

Kimbo Kim

The crew gathers under the torrent to block the scene.



And that a wrap for the Korean part of the production.

Time for steam and sleep.

The Siren - Day IIII by Kristjan Torr

On our final day in the south we ran into some trouble securing a location we needed for a scene set in a cave.

Hjörleifshöfði in South Iceland

Hjörleifshöfði in South Iceland

Turned out Darren Aronofsky had rented the entire south beach to shoot some scenes for the epic bible film Noah. 

Film Tracks.jpg

Luckily we ran into a nice guy from the set who slipped us the calling sheets which revealed a four hour window to steal the location.

torr films Siren.jpg
Film crew in the Icelandic nowhere