Stonebed: Memories of Murdered Children / by Kristjan Torr

With June in reach, the weather is stabilizing and it's safe to hike into mountain base where my friend Jökull has been working on a project. 


Stonebed, was motivated by the myth of Útburðir ['Utpyrðyr], 'The Abandoned' and refers to the act of leaving a child behind, somewhere in nature to die. A primitive way to abort parenthood. But the abandoned were said to walk again roaming the mountain valleys vailing for their mother. 

Icelandic sculpture
When a mother takes her child into nature covering it up in cloth, abandoning them never to be found again the children become shadows we name the Abandoned. The shadows appear similar to ravens and their color is of the cloth they were covered in when left to die. If one encounters the Abandoned, one should pursue it relentlessly as it will probably flee to its mother. The Abandoned vail loudly during storms but rarely do they speak.
— Annálar 1884