DNA / by Kristjan Torr

It's startling to know something so strange forms the entire organic mass that covers our planet. That's why I gladly go insane filming these alien structures. Problem is, they are unfilmable.

 Photo 51

Photo 51

Up close, the molecule and its operators are extremely obscure. I've been outlining some concepts on paper, and I think the entire sequence has to be animated. 

So I reached out, to a colleague with whom I've collaborated in the past. Currently halfway between production houses, Svava Jóhannsdóttir is an artist, engineer, and a technical director. I admire her work and asked her if she was wanted to collaborate. 

Stochastic Process by Svava Jóhannsdóttir 2016

Together for the next couple of weeks, we will draw up maps for these alien territories. I look forward to documenting the process.