Aloha Holocaust / by Kristjan Torr

Got a call from an old friend in Seoul urging me to help out an artist in Reykjavik. Time to leave this holocaust behind me. 

The trip south might might take a couple of days due to Jökulhlaup ([ˈjœːkʏl̥øip]).

Luckily my car is able to cross the foggy highlands bypassing the several flooded areas. Eventually, I reach a point where the entire southward surface is submerged in a melted glacial grey goo. I park, and fall asleep to the thunder-bolting sound of water and ice.

I woke up to a massive construction racket and saw that during the night, workers had managed to build two temporary bridges. With the coast cleared, I head south to meet Davide.

In Reykjavik, I meet a guy who had already made local connections, finialized the casting rocess. He assured me that my services weren't really required and I should rather settle in and draft up a treatment based on a premise I been workin on. After a stiff season of manual labour, I am inclined to follow his advice.